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February 21, 2013
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The Road my Mother Built by DocWario The Road my Mother Built by DocWario
Last night I had a dream - that in my house, which was at various intervals many houses and a few of them mine.

My mother had spent an inane amount of money doing 2 things to the house.

She built a deck/patio area out where out cellar entrance is, and later, it seemed that water came right up to the edge.

She also built upon the hardwood floors a path that began in their bedroom as a thin red line. As it made its way into a bartop kitchen we don't have (in part where the living room should be) it expanded and rose from the floor, a beautiful sculpture painted red.

It may have simmered down and become a plain white line, eventually it became a vine or fern you followed, that was painted only in a gloss finish atop the wood flooring. But as you went towards the patio doors, it expanded outwards like the mouth of a river, becoming a scaled silvery blue that shimmered a bright white.

And when you looked out the patio doors the water faded into an infinite horizon.

I knew this path lead to the eventual death of my parents and a seemingly infinite, frightening unknown, a sea for which I have not yet begun to build a raft.

I look around at the house, like a rats next in a positive light it was always a place loved where one sits and never in the corners or the countertops. And here we had this glorious, sparkling new patio, already a few sorted items were littered about it.

I muttered under my breath "Well at least it will help the resale value of the place when they are dead"


Along the path on the floor, were 3 small pieces of folded lined paper, with the miswritten names of my siblings and I - "Frad" was written on mine, I think, and they marked out the points along the path at which we were born.

I live largely as context to the path of my parents life. When it ends, I realize I have nothing to follow but the internet.

Help me, I am frightened

The most frightening thing is, I am sure that I only wrote "I realize I have nothing to follow." The last 3 words were written in an unconscious state, apparently. Weeeiiirrrddd
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Heart0fTheStorm Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Chances are low that any dream will come to pass (I've died three times in a single dream once), and if it DOES then it will be in some obscure, symbolic way.
I get the house and the old farm incorporated into dreams every now and then too like that. I have no idea what triggers it. :/
MyMiniatureEquine Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Based on your past journals, other comments, and stuff in the description,
u dunno wut ur doin... in the future.

Your artwork reminds me of stuff I've seen in some strange art galleries.
Are you currently employed?
Gulleko Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My first interpretation is that you are afraid of what's ahead of you in life, and the dream was your subconscious' way of telling you that.

On the other hand, I have had a lot of strange dreams that have seemingly no connection at all to my life. For example; once I dreamed that there was a big river next to our house, and there was a big crocodile in our greenhouse that tried to eat me. If that symbolizes some subconscious crap I have no idea, but it seems pretty far-fetched.
pffft that's child's play compared to the level of dreams i have......
I will dream battle you anytime.

Once I woke up with sleep paralysis, as I do sometimes, but I was on my back so I didn't mind the paralysis so much. As my eyes were closed the blobs of pulsating color began to form fuzzy images. I sang in my head the theme to my little pony, and a distinct image formed of the ponyville town hall. Suddenly I was a pony, romping around with ponies in my front yard. I tried to move bipedally but I just felt like I was on my hands and knees.

Yeah it goes on but yeah I made my dream be ponies bam bam bam
VladimirMacHolzraum Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've never had a dream where I've turned into a pony, but I did have one once where I was replaced by Fluttershy midway through.

And sleep paralysis is freaky. The first time it happened to me I seriously thought I was about to die.
mmhmm, I had to keep jolting my muscles, only to be so tired as to become paralyzed again. Usually had to do it 10-20 times before I was finally standing up and could walk around.
VladimirMacHolzraum Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My entire body was limp when it happened to me. I couldn't even twitch. I inadvertently fell asleep again and regained movement when I woke up.

And I wasn't in a dream state while I was paralyzed; my eyes were open the whole time and everything felt normal except for the whole paralysis part.
ooh, once I woke up like that sleeping in a chair. My folks were sitting on a couch across the room, my eyes were open and I could see the tv, I tried to say something to them but my mouth could barely move. It was scaaaary
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