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June 23, 2012
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Disco-rd by DocWario Disco-rd by DocWario
Ah ah aaaaah~

... stayin' alive
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AndyofIndiana Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist
I have a fear that My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is headed in the same direction as Disco was in 1979.  Let me elaborate, Disco floated around the Gay Nightclub scene in late 60's and early 70's, picked up steam in the mid 70's, and then Saturday Night Fever came out.  With 15 million sales, it tops Grease, Dirty Dancing, and even The Bodyguard as the biggest selling soundtrack of all time.  By the start of 1979, Disco had pretty much supplanted even Rock N' Roll as the most popular genre in the U.S.  By that point, it had two hatedoms.  White people did not want it to push Rock N' Roll out of the pop charts (my have times changed) while black people supported harder funk like James Brown and George Clinton and were on a campaign to "Rescue Dance music from the blahs".  While even AOR stations had some music from black people, Disco often had repetitive music and inane lyrics.  After the disastrous Disco Demolition Night… the backlash took over and by 1981, no one admitted to liking Disco anymore.  Throughout the 80's, admitting you like Disco was the equivalent of admitting to cannibalism.  While it stayed relatively popular in Europe, it took over 30 years for Disco to regain any sort of major presence on the pop charts, and it has only happened in the last five years or so.

I bring all of this up because I am afraid the same thing will happen to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  On various websites (such as this one), it is next to impossible to search for anything without coming across something pony related.  I have heard of a major backlash against the Bronies, and I sometimes get the feeling that they will get their way.  I could be wrong, Friendship is Magic actually seems pretty intelligently written and has a lot of very likable characters.  It would just sadden me if, ten years from now, admitting to like Friendship is Magic got me ostracized by the entirety of internet society.
DocWario Featured By Owner Edited Aug 18, 2014
It would certainly be a shame. And there is, much like disco, just a lot of generic uncreative swill that does fill a lot of the pony pool. But amidst that there are clever artists doing interesting, compelling, deep and touching things with it. As long as the genuinely interesting, abstract, and timelessly compelling bits of it can continue to hold their own, hopefully they will still have intrigue outside of the arhcaic, maybe enough to keep it alive and along like the star trek and star wars fandoms.

I don't like most disco. But Meco was a cool guy. In the disco world, he was known for his disco versions of songs. Close encounters, star wars - it was the niche inside of niche. But by the time his micro-niche was ending, he put out an album that's basically a disco concept album remixing the entirety of the wizard of oz soundtrack. He took it entirely seriously, produced it fabulously well. And it's one of my top 100 favorite albums. You gotta pay attention to the artists, noit the movement, and hope others can do the same.…
Doctorwholovesthe80s Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
Ah Ah Ah Ah

suqar-cookies Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Someone stole this.…
angelbattler Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Well since I always keep calling him Disco, it's ironic XD
GJTProductions Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
:iconprincesscelestiaplz: "Ohhh noo... :icondohplz:"
:iconprincesstwilightplz: (insert "300%-done-with-you" expression here)
AzureSquire Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013

Wonderful picture!
shinigamisparda Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
There's no way he would wear that outfit. The colors match.
Selinelle Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013
That's him in his younger days!:XD: I wonder how little fillies would react watching this picture!
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